Virgo, the Virgin

      It is the sixth sign of the zodiac and second to have a human representation rather than an animal.

The Virgo Legend is found in the Greek mythology of creation. Before men or animals lived on Earth, Titans, which is a race of giants, who ruled the world.

Two titan brothers, Prometheus and Epimetheus, were given the task of creating humans and animals. When done, each was given different gifts, but when it came to mankind, Epimetheus needed his brother’s help so he asked. He went into heaven and gave the mankind gift of fire.

Because of this, Jupiter, chief of Gods, bound Prometheus to a rock on Mount Caucasus. His liver was consumed by an eagle. He sent a curse to Earth the first woman, Pandora. “A gift of all Gods.”

But with her was a box, which wasn’t to be opened and was by Pandora herself; out came plagues to haunt mankind forever, sickness and death.

(At the bottom of the box lay hope which never escaped!)


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~ by celestialpowers on December 6, 2008.

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