This is the next subject I will be sharing with you all! This tells you what path you are on and also describes personality traits.

It also explains who you really are by calculating all your vowels and consonants, and also your destiny number.

It tells your soul’s surge, secret self, and destiny…I will do two versions. Long ones and short ones.

5 Responses to “Numerology”

  1. tell me dob 01 04 1967 time 12.05 am

  2. I appreciate your input for my blog..I have been working on it a long time!! It is one of my favorite projects!! I also have a dream group on facebook called DreamALittleDream if you are interested! Thanks!

  3. You guys always have such great posts to examine on your web site. I enjoy coming back to discover new subject matter since I now have your web page bookmarked. Thanks a lot.

  4. Do you mean on numerology? This is the scientific about your name. If you want to know what your name means I need your email address so I can send you a sample about how we break down what it means ok? Please understand it will take me a little while to get back to you right away.
    Numerology isn’t really the extra world its more about names and words and vibration and things like that.

  5. wants to have indeth kwnoledge of the extra world

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