Akashic Records

This is a very spiritual shamanic  belief system that people use to access information to questions they struggle with, or help them decide answers to decisions  they’d like to know.

There is a Pathway Prayer is said to open a peron’s records, or animals, and we must ask your permiss. There are several rules er must go by. I will list them soon. I just wanted you to know that I will be trying to interest you fellow readers in a new subject of mine that I feel is a calling to me. Please understand that you must  believe in this for it to truly work!

I was skeptical at first too but you if you believe in the higher power, then you will believe in this! I will soon list the rules you must follow, and questions you can ask to get a reading.

For now, I will offer it free for three months til I feel confident in my abilities to perform and then I will figure a fee to charge my clients a reading.


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