Dream Decoder: Q-T

The majority of these words came from: Astrology.com

This particular stone is often described as having a harmonization effect. Dreams of it may reflect a desire for or acquisition of harmony with the world.


In dreams, the idea of being quarantined is the idea that others are prohibited from contact with you for generally secretive reasons. This is different from aloneness (which is voluntary) or abandonment (which is malicious). In quarantine it is often for your own good that others are leaving you alone. In these dreams it is the need to cleanse or renew the spirit that often creates this situation.

Another version of this dream is being quarantined for punitive reasons. If you are experiencing some ambivalence about your moral life, you may bring quarantine upon yourself in dreaming as a means of resolving the situation. You may be seeking a clean bill of health from others concerning the situation that has prompted the quarantine situation.

Basically, it is a way of testing taboos subconsciously. If your waking life has brought you to a place of moral uncertainty, your subconscious may govern a time of evaluation, while you dream of being separated from the person or circumstances central to the conflict.


Rats are almost universally despised in the modern world. Their reputation as disease-laden scavengers seems to precede them wherever they go. Some people own rats as pets and will, of course, perceive them differently.

For most people, dreams of rats reveal concerns of becoming destitute scavengers themselves-friendless and outcast. Another potential scenario is that the dreamer feels his or her social security is being gnawed away. In contrast to theft, when all is quickly and dramatically taken, the rats gradually erode their environment.

In your waking life, do you view rats as potential pets or potential predators?

In your dream, are the rats a serious threat to your health or possessions, or are they merely an uncomfortable presence?

Ritual Behavior
When dreaming, you may feel a need to repeat particular actions or behave in an unusual way at times. This is often ritual behavior. In your dream, the behavior is often necessary to avoid or undo some evil act that may occur.This is a reflection of the work of superstition in your life. If you are by nature superstitious, you may be getting a challenge from your subconscious to let go of a particular compulsion. Or, your superstitions may be receiving validation from your unconscious mind.

In your dream, is the ritual empowering?

As you compare the ritual with your waking behavior, is it comforting or troubling that you participated in it during your dream story?


Royalty is becoming more of a mixed dream symbol in contemporary dreams. Three hundred years ago, it would have been a universal symbol of wealth and power. However, as we become more aware of the struggles royalty face, it is more common to dream of them in relation to our own daily struggles.Many times our dreams are a search for persons who can identify with our inner struggles. As royalty divorce, grieve, and grow-up in the public eye, we look to them as symbols to reinforce our own daily crises. Or we dream of them in an effort to attach the splendor of their lives to our normal lives.

Becoming a member of royalty is often a wish-fulfillment dream for wealth. However, if your dream includes an element of returning to the era of monarchy, the dream may also include a desire to assert oneself more powerfully in a particular area of life, whether it be in a financial or emotional realm.

Looking at who serve in your court and in what capacity would be a worthwhile examination.

Entering into the presence of royalty can be another version of the mirroring dream. However, it may also be a judgment dream, if you are holding secrets in your life that undermine your ability to function openly. Nobility often served as the final court of appeals in many nations.

Does a hierarchical society please or repulse your personal sense of social order?

In your waking life, do your conversations include discourse on who is better than or less than others?


Dreaming of rubies is often a dream of wealth, power, and energy. The ruby is viewed as the crystal of leadership and kings.Are you receiving them as a gift, finding them, or stealing them?

Dreams are as open to humor as they are to any other part of your personality. Sarcasm is a particularly interesting facet of humor that emphasizes the shortcomings of a person. Consequently, whether you initiate or are the butt of the sarcasm shows something about your place in the dream.Sometimes, the entire dream falls into this category. The dream is almost a cruel joke played upon you. This may be a dream that sheds light on your relationships or potential in the world. This dream may occur when you are in a situation that could potentially place you in circumstances that are way over your head.

Dream sarcasm often has metaphorical meaning related to waking events and vice-versa. For example, a phrase used by others to torment you may become a central object in the dream that you either worship or loathe.


Separation can relate to abandonment, marriage, friendship, career, or geographic upheaval. Many times, the subconscious impulses of personality are less mature in their problem-solving than the conscious, waking self. The function of ego is to filter these impulses so they do not get out into waking life. However, since the ego is turned off in sleeping, the immaturity of the id will have us walking away from our marriages, jobs, friendships, etc. at the drop of a hat.

Being separated is different than being quarantined, abandoned, or quitting in that it is often mutual. In dreams, other characters can be more cooperative, since it is our subconscious that is controlling their actions.

Who or what were you separated from in the dream, and did it seem like a permanent or temporary condition?

Was the separation easily decided, or was it gut-wrenching?


Sexual dreams are not about sex exclusively. Often they are about how we perceive people and how we think others perceive us. To construct a framework for interpreting sexual dreams, it is important to identify who is with us in the dream and how we feel about the experiences being had while dreaming.

Certain dreams are simply romantic. Boy and girl meet in the dream state and find themselves enjoying one another. This scenario commonly involves an attractive acquaintance and a generally pleasing environment. There is no violation of taboo, except for a sense that perhaps things are moving a little fast in the nocturnal relationship. Often, the dreamer has simply acted upon a desire for a relationship with a particular person.

Other dreams begin to press on the boundaries of our taboos. These include dreams with sexual content the dreamer would consider inappropriate in waking, but participates in during the dream. These dreams can be very troubling. One can wake up feeling as though a rape was committed, a fidelity violated, or that innocence has been stripped away. Dreams of this nature may require some more thorough examination.

Identifying the who or what that has generated discomfort is an important first step. Was it a boss, coworker, friend? Someone much older or younger than you with whom you have an affectionate, but platonic relationship? Or was it the nature of the encounter-coerced, cheating, public, or whatever-that is the most distinct feature of the dream? Who was forcing whom? Was it a stranger who reminded you of someone you know? Representation and displacement relationships are often components of sexual dreaming.

Some of these dreams indicate our own ambivalence about taboos. There is, after all, something exciting about what is forbidden. In other cases, we are expressing our own frustration with a sex life that is not satisfying. Still other times, others have violated our boundaries and we respond by perceiving them as taking unmerited favors from us.

In all of these cases, the dreams are worth noting and studying. By looking into what you may find abhorrent at first, you will see aspects of your personality and the relationships around you that have gone mostly unnoticed. Perhaps most importantly, you will become more aware of the various facets of your personality in those relationships.

Spiritual Icons

Dreaming of spiritual or religious icons often reflects either power or unity. We want to feel united with the universe, and icons are a good way to symbolize that identification. Other times, you may dream of being in a situation where supernatural power is required to resolve the conflict. In this case, icons serve as the vehicle or symbol of that power.There are countless icon images available to all humans. The ones you find in your dreams will relate to your experience in life. (Some examples are: the crucifix, the full moon, the Star of David, Stonehenge, and the Buddha.)

Are your experiences with icons tied to sacred or supernatural events that you prescribe to in waking life?

Are the icons revered or disdained by others in your dream? How do you feel about it?


Strangers in dreams can be very puzzling. Most often they are simply displaced persons and images that are drawn from the list of persons we know by face and name (sometimes they represent our own anima or animus). Strangers can reveal a tremendous amount of information about how we are experiencing the world. Different theorists have offered numerous explanations of who these characters are and how they worked into our psyches. Organizing the cast list is a useful endeavor for interpreting any dream.

Anima/Animus as Stranger

Carl Jung theorized that in the Self there were female counterparts to the male personality and male counterparts to the female personality. These counterparts are psychic projections that appear to us in dreams. When a female stranger shows up in a man’s dream, her behavior can be a projection of the feminine side of his personality. This is conversely true for women who dream of male strangers. These strangers don’t often have sex appeal for the dreamer, though some may. What is more common is a soul-mate friendship.

Understanding these characters is helpful because we learn how we want others (particularly the opposite sex) to perceive us. The corollary is how we are afraid they perceive us.

A second dimension to the anima/animus character is the desire to express what perhaps we are unable to express in waking life. Women may have animus characters in their dreams who show tremendous anger to compensate for a feeling that they cannot show in waking life. Likewise, men may have anima characters who cry due to the pain of life — an emotion they may not feel the ability to indulge. These strangers are often benevolent to us. They may be helpful, protective, or supply information to solve a problem. When they are troubling, it is often because they are acting out in a way we wish we could.

Displaced Strangers

This is when your dream moves a person from one type of relationship to another. An example would be having a well-known celebrity become your brother or sister. A more common example includes boss or teacher as a parent. In addition to personality roles, emotions might get displaced. This is especially true in the case of anger or sexual attraction that cannot be expressed in waking.

Incubus/Succubus Strangers

These are stranger-lovers who appear in dreams to have sex with the dreamer (an incubus visits a female; a succubus visits a male). They often represent the extremes of the sexuality experience. Either they are idealized lovers in the emotional and physical sense, or they are demonic and repulsive lovers, employed to steer you away from a waking practice that you may know is bad for you.

Shadow Strangers

These are strangers of the same gender as the dreamer who possess the negative attributes of the dreamer. Most often, these negatives are presented in extremes. It is a very useful situation for understanding ourselves. Each of us has negative traits which we try to cover-up in our public life. Sometimes, we may even develop denial defenses in our egos to refute that we have downsides to our personality. These shadow strangers appear in our dreams to show us our weaknesses.

The telephone often appears in dreams as a link between you and other dream characters who are physically inaccessible, but influential on the dream outcome. Many times, you will know who is on the other end of the phone before you pick it up to speak in your dream. The way you connect yourself to others with the dream phone is important. To whom is also important. The phone is often called the next best thing to being there. Consequently, using the phone in your dream indicates that while a person is influential in you life, they are not as connected with you as perhaps they could be or you would like them to be.
Dreams about teeth and losing teeth are common. Often the dream is troubling, although it does not contain the same fear or anxiety as a nightmare. In the dream, the teeth often are a concern only to the dreamer. Other characters in the dream either do not notice, or do not care, about the loose teeth.A 19-year-old woman reports: I am in the bedroom combing my hair. A guy comes in and asks me if I am in a relationship. I say no. Then, he asks me out on a date. I say yes. He is about to kiss me and I ask him to hold that thought for a second. I go to freshen up a bit. When I wipe my mouth, my teeth begin falling out! Every one I touch falls out. No bleeding, just empty spaces in my mouth. I go back out of the bathroom, concerned, but the guy doesn’t notice. Meanwhile, I’m a wreck.

In waking life, the woman reports feeling conflicted about ending a relationship with a man. She would like to renew it. Potential embarrassment is preventing her from doing so.

Dreams of losing teeth are often dreams of embarrassment or potentially embarrassing situations. The parallel waking experience could be summed up in the phrase losing face publicly.

Other possible teeth-loss dreams may come from physical sensations such as grinding your teeth or having particularly sensitive teeth.

Do your teeth get knocked out or do they fall out for no apparent reason?


Topaz is the crystal of spiritual wisdom and intuition. Often, it is found in dreams of problem-solving concerning interpersonal relationships

Traffic is a fascinating dream image. If traveling is required in a dream, it is often central to resolving the dream story. Consequently, the traffic and whether it cooperates with or hinders the dreamer’s achievement is important. Since most everyone encounters traffic everyday, dreams concerning traffic reflect the extent to which your environment cooperates with or hinders your goals.These dreams may be indications that more patience, more self-assertion, or more creativity is needed to reach your goals. Of course, to dream of traffic can also mean that you were simply stuck in it all that day and you need to work out the frustration in a dream.

Did the traffic cause you to miss an important appointment?

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