Past Lives

Does it seem like you lived another life? Are you drawn to certain periods? Does certain people seem familiar to you but you don’t know why?

Well it is possible you may have lived another life before this, and been born in  different time periods, either been someones mother, grandmother, mother, sister, brother, (yes, you can be a different gender than you were) and not remember it.

I been researching past lives for some time though right now I can’t prove it but I read books that  it can be proven you have lived a past life, it’s called you been reincarnated. I will put a quiz in here soon so u can take it yourself and see if you lived a past life. And have results at the end.

The reason you been reincarnated is to give you another chance  to fix past mistakes you may have made in your past life. Believe me, its fascinating, but you may not believe me, but that’s why they call this scientific research right? Well you will soon find out!

See you soon!

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