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Soon you’ll see that I’ll be making quite a few changes. Pages have been removed, some might be added.. I’ll be relearning the Celtic Tarot cards, adding more of the Sextrology, etc. Anyways,  hope y’all having a great Spring soon to be summer!

Blessed be,

Celestial Powers

Hello Fellow Fans!

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I hope you’re all having a wonderful summer so far! I am doing ok, despite a few obstacles in my way but I will get through it. Please try to visit my sister site of the dream dictionary! It would be great!

I added more words!

Thanks, and Blessed be!

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Hello My Fellow Fans!

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I have a great website I’d like to share that I came across tonight, and I hope you’ll enjoy it.. Very good reference site to use in case I can’t be of help…


Returning soon~

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A little while back I started doing Compatibilty in Astrology for those of you who are in the GLBT community and I’ll be starting that back up again. Since I was able to get my resources I needed that I had put away for a year, (yeah a year!), i want to work on compatibility for those who aren’t with the opposite sex, are with both, and I know we all get the picture ;)… Just please have more patience, thanks!

*Please Stay Tuned In With Our Sister Site*

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As you know, I been making changes. I now am creating a new dream dictionary! I will be keeping the one I have here because it took forever to make, but I wanted to make one all its own. It is called “Celestial Powers Dream Dictionary”! I also have a forum on Facebook.  Here it is my sweet fans! Please stay tuned in!!


Blessed Be,

Celestial Powers

There is going to be delay…

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Until further notice, I have to postpone the Sexual Astrology because I just moved and my resources are packed so until then, sorry for the inconvenience..I know of a book you can look up if you want to research it on your own.  The book is called “Sextrology: The Astrology of the Sex and the Sexes” by Starsky and Cox.. this is best for straight, gay, bi, and you get the drift. I just don’t have the time right now..sorry for the incovenience..