A New Study for Dreams and Brain Disease

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Hey fellow readers and fans!!

I happened to come across an article online while I was reading what the purpose of fidget spinners could be of use to me (yes I need one, and not to be cool either!), so I think this article for dreams and brain disease could be a great read and use to you if you act out on behavior relating to it.


Please comment your thoughts!! Thanks!

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Dream Vision

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Awhile back, unfortunately dummy me forgot to date it so I am thinking maybe five years or less, I had a small visionary dream. I felt really happy here. I was on this lily pad in a swamp with purple veils or curtains coming down. Now there are four women which each element there. Me, I believe my friend who is the fire element ( I am water), someone else was earth, and another air. I don’t remember who these women were but I felt safe and happy. I never forget this vision so whenever I get upset and I need to “escape”, I go there! I want to share what I “drew” ( I used my new laptop’s app which pretty awesome! But please don’t go hard on me, it was hard to get out visually as it was..


my vision dream of the swamp.

my vision dream of the swamp.


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Please be advised that I have removed a few pages since they are of no use. This blog will be improving as much as I can. I haven’t forgotten the Gay/Straight Astrology. I will try to work on them over the week if possible. I am really sorry if I haven’t been able to lately. A lot of things have been going on in my life but I will try to work on them as much as possible. Thanks!


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Blog Updates!

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Hi Everyone! I have deleted some pages because I know I am never going to get to them, and honestly, I’d prefer to discuss the topics that my pages have been created for! I am more passionate about those topics, more or less. Don’t get me wrong, I do love astrology, but I don’t want to post everything for each sign, because it takes tooo long!!

Anyways, I want to focus more on the topics I created the pages for and I hope you all understand!


Celestial Powers


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Soon you’ll see that I’ll be making quite a few changes. Pages have been removed, some might be added.. I’ll be relearning the Celtic Tarot cards, adding more of the Sextrology, etc. Anyways,  hope y’all having a great Spring soon to be summer!

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Hello Fellow Fans!

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I hope you’re all having a wonderful summer so far! I am doing ok, despite a few obstacles in my way but I will get through it. Please try to visit my sister site of the dream dictionary! It would be great!

I added more words!

Thanks, and Blessed be!

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Hello My Fellow Fans!

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I have a great website I’d like to share that I came across tonight, and I hope you’ll enjoy it.. Very good reference site to use in case I can’t be of help…


Returning soon~

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A little while back I started doing Compatibilty in Astrology for those of you who are in the GLBT community and I’ll be starting that back up again. Since I was able to get my resources I needed that I had put away for a year, (yeah a year!), i want to work on compatibility for those who aren’t with the opposite sex, are with both, and I know we all get the picture ;)… Just please have more patience, thanks!

*Please Stay Tuned In With Our Sister Site*

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As you know, I been making changes. I now am creating a new dream dictionary! I will be keeping the one I have here because it took forever to make, but I wanted to make one all its own. It is called “Celestial Powers Dream Dictionary”! I also have a forum on Facebook.  Here it is my sweet fans! Please stay tuned in!!


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