Dream Vision

Awhile back, unfortunately dummy me forgot to date it so I am thinking maybe five years or less, I had a small visionary dream. I felt really happy here. I was on this lily pad in a swamp with purple veils or curtains coming down. Now there are four women which each element there. Me, I believe my friend who is the fire element ( I am water), someone else was earth, and another air. I don’t remember who these women were but I felt safe and happy. I never forget this vision so whenever I get upset and I need to “escape”, I go there! I want to share what I “drew” ( I used my new laptop’s app which pretty awesome! But please don’t go hard on me, it was hard to get out visually as it was..


my vision dream of the swamp.

my vision dream of the swamp.

~ by celestialpowers on May 30, 2017.

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