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Please be aware that most of my information are from other sites but I do know what I am talking about, otherwise I wouldn’t be posting them and sharing them with my fellow bloggers!! I am not asking for money or anything like that unless me or my partner (MiraclesnMagic) want to do a Astrology chart for you…WHICH WE TOOK A HOME COURSE IN!! We have no reason at all to steal other people’s work…I have become knowledgeable in Astrology, Numerology, I-Ching, and Dreams.  I really don’t do palmistry because that isn’t my expertise.  You may think I have copied but some of this stuff is really my stuff because I have learned a lot in my own experiences so please don’t let others think my blog  is fake because ITS NOT!!!!!  If it isn’t MY work, then I will direct you to where I have found it!



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