How It All Works…

A doctor can tell by the colors of your hand how your health is some aspects (not all). For example, if your hand is yellow, its your liver; red-circulatory, pink-healthy. Its he or she who determines your well being.

Did you know twins have different hands and markings in their  hands? Thats because they are different from each other, whether or not they are twins, but they may have some similiar  markings like their mother!

No two hands are alike. Your cells are unique.


The Keys to Successful Palmistry

> Look twice

> Look at both hands

>Seek additional support from other signs

  1. observation
  2. light
  3. no distractions
  4. intuition

Why does it work? Because your hand is a map that changes as you do.

~ by celestialpowers on August 11, 2008.

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