Reading #2(mine)

  1. Ace of Pentacles (r)
  2. 9 of Cups (U)
  3. 2 of Swords (Up)
  4. 9 of Wands (R)
  5. The Lovers (U)
  6. 7 of Wands (R)
  7. The Hermit (R)
  8. KNight of Wands (R)
  9. 4 of Pentacles (U)
  10. 10 of Swords (U)
  11. The Magician (U)

1. Maybe being a little greedy (someone is) and there is ill treatment of others

2. Romance, environment will get better and calmer

3. Feeling of uncertainty is correct, I feel blind to what is going on, questioning whether friend or foe

4. calamity, caught off guard, unheeded warnings

5. There is a lot of chemistry and love but I think we are losing it

6. Warning to take action of any sort, whether negotiating or issuing a challenge. DENYING A SITUATION

7. Breakdown due to scattered energies

8. It seems to me that putting me in strife is amusing him and that we may even break up if he keeps it up with his shit

9.¬† Guarding what I have left, my possessions, don’t want to lose them and he doesn’t want to lose me

10. There is conflict, possible loss of relationships destruction, hurt

11. using my talents and skills and a higher comprehending mind, purpose and skill, freedom

~ by celestialpowers on August 8, 2008.

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