Reading #1

  1. 3 of Pentacles (u)
  2. The tower (r)
  3. 8 of Swords (u)
  4. Ace of Cups (r)
  5. Page of Wands (r)
  6. Queen of cups (r)
  7. The Moon (u)
  8. The Empress (r)
  9. 10 of Wands (r)
  10. 8 of Pentacles (r)
  11. Strength (r)

1. 3 of Pentacles- Making use of skills & talents; taking pride in humble work.

2. The Tower- calamity, disorganization, danger, panic being trapped in unhealthy lifestyle

3. 8 of Swords- frustration and fear; feeling powerless and at mercy of outside forces, unfairt treatment, pawn, pleas falling on deaf ears, misunderstood, used

4.  Ace of Cups- rejection, fear and confusion, loss of faith, emptiness and despair

5. Page of Wands- instability, gossip and insincerity

6. Queen of Cups- Drama queen, perversity, falsehood and games

7. The Moon- Disorientation,powerful emotions and imagination, intuition, empathy, creativity and sensitivity; illusion

8. The Empress- Doubts and hardship, turmoil, extravagance lack of support or guidance. cold comfort, instability, overly protective behaviour, unplanned pregnancy

9. 10 of Wands- Being foiled by a shortcut, duped, distracted by glitter, led astray, shirking responsibilities

10. 8 of Pentacles- Loathing workplace, lack of ambition, one who manipulates & exploits to aquire rather than labors.

11. Strength- cowardice, breadown, not wanting to succeed but surrender but sometimes its wise; brittle unflexy, anger, impulsive behaviour, strong enemy, bully

~ by celestialpowers on July 19, 2008.

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