There is going to be delay…

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Until further notice, I have to postpone the Sexual Astrology because I just moved and my resources are packed so until then, sorry for the inconvenience..I know of a book you can look up if you want to research it on your own.  The book is called “Sextrology: The Astrology of the Sex and the Sexes” by Starsky and Cox.. this is best for straight, gay, bi, and you get the drift. I just don’t have the time right now..sorry for the incovenience..

Check out music from Doomsday Inc.

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Sorry I’ve been MIA…

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I am truly sorry I haven’t been posting..I would like to add a new section soon. Called Sexual Astrology..I haven’t figured what I am going to do with it but as soon as I do, I’ll try to keep ya updated…

Learning Experience…

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Hi all,

As I was saying to you, I want to try to draw people’s dreams if you allow it but I’ll wait until the end of my spring semester now because I’ll have more time on my hands. What I’ll do is draw an example of my dream that means the most, upload it here, and if you like it, you can tell me if you want yours drawn.

I am an amateur so I need time to develop my little skills..


Celestial Powers

Just wanted to share..

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I just wanted to share with my fellow readers and hopefully “fans” , my favorite tealight lamp!  It’s great isn’t it! A friend of mine @ a local antique shop showed me and I fell in love!

Please Follow me On my New Sister Site!

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I have a new dream blog called “The Dimensions of Dreams” on just for dreams so it will be easier for readers to refer to that site instead of here. Name has been changed..sounds better? Also we will be having polls there..a lot better so we can better serve your needs 🙂

New Dream Sister Blog coming soon!!

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I’ll be doing another blog that will be dedicated entirely for dreams only and it is at I think. Ill find the link tomorrow and post it. 


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I would like to introduce my new partner in training, Sarah Putnam, whom is going to help with dream analysis. She will be doing the same system I am using. When I can’t assist you, she will. Thanks! If you want assistance with dreams, her email is but please give her time because she is still in training, you may also email me at if you have any questions. Thanks!

Have a lovely summer!

Blessed Be,

Celestial Powers

Questionnaire Before Dream Analysis

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These questions will help me analyze your dreams better so please answer these before I do your dreams..Thanks!!


  1. What events occurred before you had this dream?
  2. Was this a nightmare or a regular dream?
  3. Did make this dream happen? Meaning did you incubate it?
  4. Did you want it to happen?
  5. Are you familiar with past life dreams? If so, have you ever had one? And was this one of them?
  6. Can you predict things in your dreams before they happen in real life? (clairvoyant)

I-Ching & Dreams

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There is a big possibility that the old chinese fortune telling traditional document and dreams can be linked. I know because I tried it this afternoon and had a dream this morning as well. I asked a question that I needed to know (the second question that is, because I asked two questions), and I remembered what my dream was about. I read my answer to the I-Ching and it matched the dream!! How interesting is that? The way to find out if I-ching is related to dream is ask a question you have on your mind, and if you wrote your dream down, compare it to your dream. Let me know if it ever worked for you!