Sagittarius, the Archer

This is the 9th sign of the zodiac. This sign portrays as an archer but not as an ordinary man drawing a bow. He is a centaur aka mythological creature who is half man, half horse. Sagittarius is the only sign to have both human and animal representation. The Constellation of Sagittarius isn’t any centaur, It is the great and wise Chiron, son of Titon-God of Saturn, he was a friend and confidant of both Gods and men. The Gods taught Chiron the arts of medicine, hunting and riding, music and prophecy. In turn he became a teacher. Do you remember the story of Prometheus who was bound to a rock and an eagle tore his liver? Well, Chiron released him of the curse and took his place so he could die. For that, Jupiter, he rewarded his noble character by placing the heroic centaur amongst the stars and he became the constellation Sagittarius!

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~ by celestialpowers on April 5, 2009.

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