Cancer, The Crab

It’s the 4th sign sign of the zodiac, symbolized by a crab, This is a water creature which is also capable walking on land. it was placed  in the zodiac some 5 hundred years before Christ. The Chaldean gave the crab  the name of cancer because of the crab’s backward movement which appeared to represent the Sun’s movement upon reaching this sign.

when it reaches the sign of Cancer, it seems to remain stationary for a few days.

It begins the Summer’s Solstice and is the very Solstice which means” The Sun is Standing Still”.

According to Greek legend, Cancer is the giant crab which attacked the foot of Hercules while he was engaged in battle with the monstrous nine-headed serpent, Hydra.

The crab’s attack on Hercules was instigated by Juno, Jupiter’s jealous wife, who was set on Hercules destruction. Unfortunately, the Crab seated its doom, for Hercules crushed  it before proceeding to dispatch the Hydra. Because the Crab carried out Juno’s orders, it was placed amongst the heavens with other heroic symbols.

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