The Grounding Ritual

My Head is ready to receive

New ways to think and believe

My thoughts are deeds. Their power is great

My mind will help me rule my fate


My Heart is open to what’s true

My intuition solves the clues

Emotion’s waves, they ebb and flow

But i avoid their undertow


My Home is where I feel secure

This space is now a temple pure,

Where I can safely speak my mind

And leave my hurt and fears behind.

It’s time to let my head and heart

Align to bring me Cupid’s dart

Or any other goal I seek

It’s time to hear the Goddess speak.

Goddess, Guide Me!


This is the ritual you must say before you roll the dice and ask your desired question.

~ by celestialpowers on November 10, 2008.

One Response to “The Grounding Ritual”

  1. What exactly is this the grounding ritual for?

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