I Ching

This is a meditative tool. You can always buy this book or borrow at a library.  It is the oldest oracle of psychic powers.   Increases your decisions and choices. You need 6 coins, 5 pennies & a dime

Example: Is my relationship going to get better?

heads ________                        Hexagram

heads ________                            33

heads ________


heads ________

tails   ____  ____

tails  ____   ____


Line 1 is moving (it was the odd coin) dime is odd coin

Piglet Turns Tail

Retreat from danger as soon as you become aware of it. You are not in a position to cope with it. Leave nothing exposed for others to attack.

Other words, i need to be careful.

~ by celestialpowers on July 16, 2008.

5 Responses to “I Ching”

  1. I checked out your blog!! Looks awesome!! Thanks for checking me out. Please come back and check out more!

  2. interesting i have always wanted to do i-ching. i can’t wait til i get to learn it in my astrology and parapsychology course.

    i love your blog some really great stuff on it. Check out mine, i just started it but it is going to be similiar to yours at least have similiar info.

  3. you roxxorz

  4. so luv you thogh

  5. you rock giulia

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